Phil has helped me navigate the complex world of leadership. His insights and direction have allowed me to greatly improve my leadership skills and move toward becoming someone who inspires others to do great things. Phil's philosophy is not new. Being an authentic leader is about being in the service of people. However, the way in which her helps drive behavior change is new and powerful. We can all talk it, but we need to train ourselves to walk it. Phil understands this deeply and is able to help people like me be the change we want to see.

Phil's been a great resource for me and I look forward to continuing to work with him. I want great results, and Phil is helping me get those results through an eye opening, engaging and fun process. May 10, 2011

Savior Joseph, Director Digital Marketing (Halifax)

If you are truly looking to be challenged by someone who really cares about you as a whole and not just you an individual who can work the typical 9-5, then go with Phil. Working with Phil will ignite a fire of passion in you to not only succeed in your current work, but also pursue your dreams for both personal and professional growth. April 8, 2011

Ross Simmonds, Digital Account Coordinator (Halifax)


As a marketing leader managing an organization of 120+ employees, with a direct staff of 12, the complexity and dynamics involved to ensure the entire organization is aligned and energized to achieve the longer term vision is extremely difficult on your best days. It is clear, neither I, nor the key members of my staff, would have obtained the overwhelming success we achieved had it not been for Phil's leadership coaching and support. Our organization laid out clear lofty goals and objectives designed to accelerate the pipeline and achieve the company’s business goals. We over-achieved on all of them. The Master of Business Leadership’s objective, focused, systematic approach to leadership development has proven to consistently deliver measurably better results quickly and was a key ingredient in our success. I would highly recommend the MBL system to any executive or management team that has an urgent need for better results. December 27, 2009

Brian Bakstran, VP Field Marketing (Boston)

The ability to effectively lead and manage continues to be a top professional and company challenge in today’s complex business world. Individual desires and what motivates or energizes people can get lost in the politics, organizational changes and increasing expectations on performance. It is easy to lose sight of what is the right path of action to be an effective and respected leader, especially one you can feel good about personally. I believe Phil’s MBL system is an excellent approach because it combines common sense with a disciplined action plan to produce results. January 1, 2010

Richard Harrison, President (Boston)

The MBL system and coaching platform taught me some outstanding lessons and provided me with numerous tools that I continue to use in both my personal life as well as my career. The audio book provides me with the ability to listen to the MBL learning while driving my car. The different chapters touch upon key teachings and are told in a story format making them easy to listen to while keeping your interest. I would highly recommend the audio book for anyone passionate about achieving greater results. (April 11, 2011)

Brian Bakstran, Head of Americas Marketing (Boston)

The great thing about Phil's approach is that he connects his philosophy for leadership with real life events and basic human tendencies. His model enables you to quickly identify and categorize another person's behavior so you can more effectively manage the situation and maintain focus on your real goals. (April 2, 2011)

Richard Harrison, President (Boston)


I am certain you will enjoy the Master of Business Leadership system and coaching platform as much as I did. It has already helped us close $500,000 in business with much more in the pipe. October 15, 2006

Joanne Moretti, GM & SVP (Toronto)

As a young professional entering into a highly competitive industry, Phil helped me to hone my leadership skills and to take my career into my own hands. His guidance and support allowed me to overcome self imposed hurtles and obstacles routed in my subconscious, which influenced my conscious actions. With his help, my thoughts and actions have become increasingly aligned, allowing me to communicate authentically with my colleagues and clients, furthering my reputation as a trusted advisor." April 28, 2011

Kevin Sato, Online Producer (Toronto)

I highly recommend the Master of Business Leadership System. Phil Johnson, Founder of this system has provided me with the tools and insights necessary to help me work towards becoming the Authentic Leader that I want to be. November 11, 2010

Deb Bray, Human Resources (Toronto)

I was fortunate to have met Phil and to have him work with me and a number of my colleagues while at Harris Corporation being in 2006. Phil has an excellent understanding of the traits and characteristics that makes a good leader and which leads to business success. Phil has the ability to make you challenge yourself and to be the best you can be. He has a thorough understanding of Emotional Intelligence and why it is so important in helping leaders be successful which ultimately leads to the success of organizations. August 25, 2010

Sherry Adams, VP Human Resources (Toronto)

Phil has very personable manner about him that speaks to his sincerity, authenticity and ability to really see the heart of the matter and the person. Having had the opportunity to work with him when he was the Director, Semiconductor Division at Mitsubishi and again, connecting with him for his coaching expertise while in my executive position at Henry Schein, I was struck by his insight and 'walk the talk' natural state of being. He has a phenomenal ability to gain your utmost attention and honesty - he is a 'real human being' in all his interactions, quite automatically encouraging you to be 'authentic' and adapt a leadership ability that is effective. Phil is type of coach every manager - middle level to executive - needs to connect with and learn from. Organizations will greatly benefit by adopting Phil's approach to managing people and forming strong leadership that CAN be followed, and returns effective and successful results. February 4, 2010

Jackie Hudson, VP Human Resources (Toronto)

I can't say enough about the time I spent with Phil and the impact it had not only on my professional life, but my personal life as well. I thought I was going to work with Phil to become a better Manager but I immediately realized that it wasn't about management at all, it was truly about developing my Authentic Leadership. Phil's program can add real value to anyone who wants to make a difference to their organization or their lives, even if they don't know it yet. I would encourage anyone to work with Phil and his MBL Coaching System! January 28, 2010

Pino Biase, Business Relationship Manager (Toronto)

Phil has practical insights into how to get better results. He helps you to see yourself the way other people see you. He helps develop important skills that are sadly overlooked and lacking in much of the industry. January 27, 2010

Michael Alford, Manager Product Definition (Toronto)

Phil is an inspirational guy who knows what he is talking about and walks his talk. January 16, 2010

Robert Kirkby, Chairman and CEO (Toronto)

Phil is a perceptible friend, coach and executive. He has used his engineering background to bring a new level of understanding to the art/science of leadership. I highly recommend his MBL system." October 16, 2007

Ron Percy, Chair (Toronto)

I have completed an earlier version of Phil's MBL system over 3 years ago, yet I still reference the truths I learned daily in my professional and personal life. And I still receive personal mails and calls from Phil who remains committed to my growth along the journey that we began together. It will be different for everyone, but you WILL hit a "eureka" moment that will improve your behaviours from that moment forward. The expert coach, thorough material, and genuine passion for the process is unique and well worth your time and energy. December 21, 2009

Randall Mileski, Engineering Manager (Toronto)

Phil's ideas and philosophy is excellent. Once you embrace his point of view and open your mind and actions to his views, you gain a greater insight into how you can make others better as well as improving yourself as an expressive leader. I would highly recommend the Master of Business Leadership system to anyone who would like to succeed in life. October 26, 2009

Derick Wong, Senior Director Marketing (Toronto)

I had the opportunity to work through 10 MBL coaching sessions with Phil in 2008. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and gained some valuable insight and ideas from Phil that allowed me to improve my leadership skills. Phil's ideas were practical with immediate action steps. To date, I have found Phil's leadership coaching the best that I have experienced and would definitely recommend Phil to anyone that wants to become a better leader. November 16, 2009

Brad McMillan, Sales Manager (Toronto)

E3 Consulting’s Chief Leadership Officer is Phil Johnson. Typically when I talk about Phil and the amazing work he has done for me and my company I get the ‘yah right - no one is that good’ look. So I’ll try to provide a testimonial that is free from all exciting adverbs and descriptors that apply like ‘amazing’, ‘life changing’, ‘transformative’, and ‘success defined. I’ll try to stick to the facts so you can draw those conclusions yourself. Phil has been my business coach for over two years. When I met Phil I was doing well, but I had a long way to go. The funny part is that I wasn’t aware of this. I knew I could improve, but I had blinders on that were stopping me from really hitting my stride. I was semi-happily working at an ad agency and I had all sorts of good excuses for not breaking out on my own to live my dream of starting my own company.

As I worked with Phil the fog around what I wanted out of life, and how I should go about getting it began to lift. The truth of what I needed to do became so obvious it was unavoidable to do anything but move towards it. Fast forward two years to today. My company, E3 Consulting, (that I got off the ground in a large part to Phil’s guidance) now has 12 employees and is going to break the $1 million dollar revenue mark. Phil is now CLO for our entire company, helping us to find the truth about ourselves as an organization and how we can achieve amazing (ok I let one adverb slip!) results – all by just being themselves. Phil is an authentic leader who really ‘gets it’ and wants to help the world do the same. His Master of Business Leadership system can really help you ‘get it’ as well. I’ve achieved outstanding results by incorporating this system into my personal and business life. I think you can do the same, so I highly suggest calling him. I truly believe he can help you get better results with less effort all while having a lot more fun along the way! September 17, 2009

Brad Bettinson, President (Toronto)

Phil is among the very best Executive Coaches in his field. His intelligence, acumen and integrity are superior and his effectiveness is unparalleled. February 28, 2006

David Huggins, President (Toronto)

To say that Phil Johnson is good at what he does is an understatement. Working with him as my leadership coach, he was quickly able to identify the habits, perceptions and fears that were holding me back from achieving my goals and being an authentic leader. Phil is intuitive and draws upon a wealth of experience in working with his clients. Every meeting with him was a powerful course in understanding where I need to take action in my life and how to move closer towards a life that is authentic. My husband says he could always tell when I had met with Phil because of my renewed optimism and energy. Whether you're a small business owner, a VP, or an artist, I highly recommend Phil as someone knowledgeable, personable and dedicated, who will help you to become an authentic and powerful leader. April 4, 2007

Lisa Summers, Lawyer (Toronto)

I was absolutely amazed with how much detail and value Phil has put into his Master of Business Leadership system! I regard Phil has one of the most innovative thinkers and problem solvers on the planet today! Any organization that hires Phil will get a ten-fold return on their investment! May 24, 2007

Derrick Sweet, Chairman & CEO (Toronto)

Phil inspires people to greatness. He brings out the best in individuals on a personal and professional level. He is an exceptional MBL coach. His wisdom and knowledge astound me and he produces dramatic results in people's lives. June 8, 2007

Mary Ellen Koroscil, President (Toronto)

I have been coached by Phil for a few months now and feel I have made incredible improvements at work. As a result of my coaching with Phil I truly feel that I am on my way to being an authentic leader. I have noticed remarkable improvements in my relationships at work and in my personal life. I have learned to really listen and not take things personally so I can understand where the other person is coming from. I recognize when someone is yelling that it comes from a place of fear and instead of getting defensive I listen so I can understand how I can help that individual. Phil has truly inspired me to be the best I can be. I realize it is going to be a journey and not an easy one, however, the results already have been outstanding I can't wait to see what is in store for me as I continue to work and improve. Thank you Phil!! June 12, 2007

Sherry Adams, VP Human Resources (Toronto)

Phil is a consummate professional with a true passion for coaching. Phil's deep knowledge of business leadership and his unique perspective on the world of commerce has been of great interest and benefit. I strongly endorse Phil. March 10, 2008

Douglas Churchill, Area Vice President (Toronto)

I feel passionate about the effect the Master of Business Leadership coaching system has had on all areas of my life, including of course, my work. Last year, as a direct result of Phil’s leadership coaching I was able to get through a serious set-back in my life, with courage and authentic leadership. Instead of being weakened, I am stronger. In business, I am experiencing and enjoying my most successful year in 9 years of selling real estate – simply being my authentic self. Jean McNeil Sales Representative Sutton Group July 27, 2007

Jean McNeil, Realty (Toronto)

The Servant Warrior Leader provides a practical approach to becoming a truly authentic leader to inspire and motivate people in a win-win model. Old school leaders are in a win-lose model where people rapidly become demotivated and disengaged resulting in poor performance. The best athletes in the world have a common trait-they practice to improve their performance and hire a coach. Tiger Woods is the best golfer in the world, yet he is always practicing with his coach to improve his game. This book is required reading for anyone who wants to lead, inspire and be more fully engaged with their business colleagues, family and friends." September 6, 2007

Stephen Crawford, Senior Vice President Sales (Toronto)

Working with Phil I quickly discovered that my fears, habits and perceptions limit my overall perspective by erecting barriers between myself and others. Only by stripping away these obstacles, could I understand that leadership is not something to be exercised but is truly serving and inspiring others. This, in turn, stimulates others to strive for higher performance and the desire to produce exceptional results. Understanding who you are is the first step in becoming an authentic leader. I started the journey with Phil and every day I see how these truths impact myself, my family and my colleagues. September 7, 2007

Bill Wiersma, VP Sales (Toronto)

In working with Phil I realized many things about Leadership and the innate skills that are within us. His focused approached on you as individual greatly impacts your ability to evolve as a Leader and inspire others to evolve as well. My time with Phil was time well spent and I highly encourage others to make the investments in themselves. The dividends will greatly impact your life! July 28, 2009

Renee Lalonde, Vice President Sales (Toronto)

Phil's approach to leadership is brilliant, spot on and is adding to our world. I certainly recommend you listen to his complimentary audio book on The Servant Warrior Leader. He's got a great voice to listen to and his ideas will alter your perspective, further drilling home the point that authentic leaders continually act in line with their internal locus of control - I AM RESPONSIBLE. Phil, thank you for sharing your message and doing so with courage, generosity and determination. (April 6, 2011)

Stephen Shedletzky, Management Consultant (Toronto)

Often the barriers to success are those we create through attitude or self-limiting habits. The Master of Business Leadership system and coaching platform helps individuals get back to the natural strengths and optimism we began with and to make these our new habits and perceptions. The effect can have significant results for any team, business, sport or family.

Barry Papoff, VP Engineering (Toronto)

As we work our way through our careers we strive for that next step, that next major career achievement. Two years ago this was me, confident I could do the job I wanted but unsure how to become the leader, the person they would notice. The MBL system gave me the confidence and showed me how to achieve that goal. I was rewarded with an opportunity to be a Global VP of a new group the Sales Program Office, a goal I had not yet begun to think of.

Jane Nelson, VP Global Customer Success (Toronto)

I would have said it wasn’t possible to distil human and corporate behaviour down to and single useful axis of understanding, but Phil has succeeded in doing just that. What he’s taught me not only has strongly reinforced many personal beliefs; it’s provided a toolset which is proving to be powerful, flexible and natural to adopt.

Paul Briscoe, Manager Strategic Engineering (Toronto)


Phil's leadership coaching has made a huge difference in not only my career but also in my life. I highly recommend his coaching. It is literally eye-opening because while you might think it’s all about managing/coaching/leading others, the core lessons are about YOU. And seriously, YOU DON'T NEED A TITLE to be a leader; it’s within all of us. Phil explains how to find leadership within ourselves so we can inspire others to do the same. Spend some time with him; it will be the best investment you ever make! Joanne June 5, 2009

Joanne Moretti, VP Sales Excellence & Dean (Dallas)


MBL philosophy: better results, less effort, more fun. Sounds great but does it work? Absolutely! I would definitely recommend Phil & MBL University to anyone who wants to release the true leader that lies within them. Phil’s coaching sessions on the MBL authentic leadership habits & insights were one of the most rewarding "training" I’ve experienced. Phil has the ability to put things into perspective in a simple way to move you in a positive direction. Actions and Results. That’s all it is. Phil also coached other members of the strategic planning team resulting in improved department achievements as well as creating a more positive team dynamics In a nutshell; I’ve been on a journey of business & life improvement for some time without achieving my desired results. Phil has been able to connect the dots for me in a in a way no one else has. For this reason I am grateful for meeting Phil and participating in the MBL University program and look forward to continuing my journey with the addition of the MBL authentic leadership habits & insights. January 7, 2010

Ken Gans, IT Manager (Chicago)

Phil moves beyond ideas and strategies and emerges into an experiential journey that will bring immediate results. The video book, and Phil’s coaching, provide tools and insights that create fuel and motivation to focus on action and results to achieve our vision. The MBL system made an immediate difference for me in becoming more self-aware, positively impacting those around me, and focusing on actions resulting in doing more with less effort and having more fun. April 4, 2011

Karen Folliard, Director HR (Chicago)

The Servant Warrior Leader" audio book is the perfect companion to the original book and offers leaders key concepts for claiming their authenticity. I keep one in my car and one on my iPad and I listen to it often. What's more, I've passed on several copies to friends and colleagues who have told me they truly appreciate the insights shared with them. Most important, the MBL Servant Warrior Leader concepts are actionable and I can attest that they work! (May 13, 2011)

Kim Kaminski, Director Global Field Marketing (Chicago)

Who in the world would not like to have better results with less efforts and more fun? These are the results you will obtain from the MBL system. To attain this one needs to overcome their habits, fears and perceptions and follow the MBL journey on authentic leadership with a focus on actions and results. The MBL system tools, insights and one on one coaching system has worked for me and produced good results both professionally and personally. I highly recommended the MBL system!!! August 25, 2010

Lancy DSouza, IT Manager (Chicago)

It is my pleasure to recommend the Master of Business Leadership system. This unique system will help you demystify leadership theory and practice into an easy to use and lasting process that gets results. Studying the Master of Business Leadership system along with Phil’s coaching you will certainly conquer your fears and make the decision to lead. I wish you great success and lead the way. April 13, 2010

Ken Strong, Leadership Development Specialist (Chicago)

Coaching with Phil to discover my authentic leadership has changed my life, professionally and personally. Applying the principles of Servant Warrior Leadership and using the toolbox of Habits and Insights in the workplace has taught me to stay focused on getting results rather than just being liked. I use the SWL principles on a daily basis with the people I coach, too. It makes being an inspirational leader so much easier and so much more fun--not to mention, fulfilling! I've found the SWL concepts to be very powerful in my personal life, as well, because they have given me greater awareness through a focus on serving others. March 8, 2010

Kim Kaminski, Director North American Field Marketing (Chicago)


Everything what I have experienced in my life leads to authentic leadership. Phil provides me with invaluable insights on this journey of a lifetime. Personally and professionally I am focused on the interpersonal dynamics and organizational effectiveness using the synthesis of design and conventional business thinking to tackle complex issues in today’s fast paced and turbulent knowledge economy.

Phil’s insights have helped me to take even more responsible personal approach to experiential learning. Through our ongoing discussions, I am developing greater awareness when it comes to my directional knowledge. I am able to better distinguish what is important and to use this sensibility to identify critical relationships on my never-ending journey towards superior performance in work and life. January 12, 2011

Peter Galik, Associate (Moscow)

I highly recommend this audio book to all human beings who feel the urgency to take an honest action towards personal and professional growth. Phil shows mastery in how the Master of Business Leadership system develops business leadership, emotional intelligence and organizational transformation. Phil offers the opportunity to achieve breakthrough through the creative process bridging paradigms of the individuals and organizations with the authenticity of their behaviour. (April 2, 2011)

Peter Galik, Associate (Moscow)

New York

I have worked with Phil and his approach to leadership development captures and address the elements of emotional leadership in a high impact way. I have read many books on management and leadership and Phil's approach is unique, innovative, and a true accelerator to leadership development. June 26, 2010

Dayton Semerjian, Corporate SVP and GM (New York)

Phil is one of the most high-energy professionals that I've worked with as a business partner. He is a passionate about his profession, inspiring as a speaker "Authentic Leadership", has a keen understanding of how to move organizations in the right direction with excellent communication skills and overall is a great asset to any organization. March 12, 2010

Ken Williams, Vice President Professional Services (New York)

Hello Everyone, I had the pleasure to work with Phil as a Coach over the Summer/Fall of 2009 and the time we spent together was fantastic. In fact two words I use to describe working with Phil to other colleagues as it relates to his coaching are Insightful and Actionable. Insightful due to the fact that whatever your frame of reference is for coaching Phil will make you think twice and broaden your understanding. Actionable due to the fact Phil helps you do the hardest thing as a by-product of any professional coaching and that is to take action. Additionally Phil is a great guy and no subject is off limits! November 23, 2009

Timothy Beditz, VP Product Marketing (New York)

Phil knows authentic leadership! As a contributor to my latest leadership book and as a greatly admired executive coach, I recommend Phil and the MBL University to leaders who are ready to invest in being their best, doing great things and having meaningful success while achieving their transformation goals. March 26, 2009

Marta Wilson, Leadership Author (New York)

I would highly recommend Phil as a professional or personal coach. In my ten weeks working with Phil I’ve attained the foundation to step outside my comfort zone and become more conscious of the stories we tell ourselves. Phil’s insight has provided me with a great awareness, and enthusiasm to want better results for myself and those on my team. He has inspired me to be an authentic leader in all I do both professionally and personally. His methodologies are unique and his coaching style is extremely personal able. December 17, 2009

Melissa Archambault, Executive Office (New York)

I would strongly recommend this audio book to any and all for a very novel approach to discussing and reinforcing "authentic leadership". Truly makes you look at your own personal and professional growth, but also assists in helping to put into perspective "others'" actions. (April 6, 2011)

Debra Cattani, VP Industry Analyst Relations (New York)

I highly recommend Phil! I was able to immediately put into practice the concepts we discussed during our sessions. The coaching sessions were all found to be extremely helpful in assisting me in taking my leadership skills to a new level. October 19, 2009

Doug Antaya, Marketing Executive (New York)

I just recently completed a series of Master of Business Leadership coaching sessions with Phil -- which I found to be very stimulating, insightful, and practical. I was able to put into practice -- immediately -- the concepts, philosophies that we discussed and have been able to perceive and react to situations in a more positive and less reactive manner. I found these sessions to be so valuable that I have contracted with Phil for coaching sessions for two of my direct reports. Highly recommended!!!! September 23, 2009

Debra Cattani, VP Product Marketing Support (New York)


I have had the pleasure of working with Phil as a business coach for several years. Phil's Master of Business Leadership system and his unique approach to achieving superior results go far beyond the normal parameters and limitations of traditional leadership coaching. Phil enlightens and ignites one's sense of what it means to empower, inspire and energize yourself and those around you. He effectively bundles up powerful insights and highly effective leadership tools that unlock a deeper layer of consciousness around the dynamics of people, teams and success. Phil Johnson is truly a gifted individual who has a very clear sense of his life mission and service to others, and he brings this unwavering focus to his coaching and life relationships in a profoundly powerful way. February 1, 2010

Jeff Hayward, VP Marketing (London)

Phil Johnson's Servant Warrior Leader audio book is a must for anyone who is really committed to developing and fully demonstrating authentic leadership! If you want to engage hearts and minds, beat back the negativity in your organization or life, believe in whole brain functioning with an emphasis on vision, action, results, energy, insight and passion, I highly recommend this! Phil brings to bear his accumulated wisdom, based on lived experience, and shares openly and freely a strong emotional intelligence focus aimed at driving up positive resonant energy ... for your, for your life and for your leadership mastery! As Phil so succinctly puts it "We are the ones we've been waiting for!" (May 6, 2011)

John Thurlbeck, Director (London)


Teaching is a talent of touching hearts and minds of young people. This was proved during a recent audio LIVE hook up of Phil with my students in BA 361 Leadership July 31, 2009

Philbert Suresh, Professor (Hyderabad)


Finally a no-nonsense program designed to transfer the skill to achieving better results, significant results tailored to me. It was an easy decision to try the course. After the course, feedback from family, peers and customers confirms the tangible benefits. Unproductive, perceptions and habits (i.e. roadblocks) are replaced with more productive and more frequent results. Who would have guessed! April 11, 2007

Hal Keiser, President (Winnipeg)

Along comes a program that is focused on you, business and results. Phil's focus on Leadership helps understand how to turn the right goals into conscious actions that turn into unconscious actions. The audio book is great place to start the journey. (April 4, 2011)

Hal Keiser, President (Winnipeg)


When I worked with Phil in Mitsubishi he was the most successful Field Sales person and was in charge of all semiconductor sales for Mitsubishi in Canada. His was the fastest growing sales group in the company. His selling style was unique and he developed his sales staff by personal coaching and helped them develop into effective sales people and leaders. Now as a Master of Business Leadership coach Phil is utilizing his years of experience in Sales and Mentoring to teach these very skills to hundreds of professionals in various industries. I am highly impressed by Phil's teaching style and the way he makes his concepts clear to the students. June 8, 2007

Anil Chaudhry, Director ASIC Product Marketing (Sunnyvale)

San Francisco

I recommend Phil’s audio book, ‘The Servant Warrior Leader,’ because the innovation of leadership is shifting into a dynamic that Phil has certainly grasped. The world needs change agents like Phil who understand the dynamics of organizational leadership and the change that is required in order to be effective leaders. Change is good or bad depending on how one looks at world; however Phil allows you to find your positive (change), so you can be the leader that you were meant to be. (April 6, 2011)

Joanne DeHerrera, President (San Francisco)

I don't believe there is anyone with deeper expertise in this are than Phil. I'm thrilled to recommend this audio book. If you listen, it will change your life! (April 4, 2011)

Lori Ruff, President (San Francisco)

The first time I "met" Phil was in early 2007 through his blog. What he was writing resonated very well with my own experience and intuition about management; it was something that traditional Business school did not teach me. Phil was onto something... I worked closely with one of the senior managers who went through his program - and that experience was proof to me that Phil's approach was very effective. My own career benefited from learning and applying many of the concepts of this book. (April 2, 2011)

Alessandro Fasan, Executive Account Manager (San Francisco)


I have been an MBL Inc. coaching client using the Master of Business Leadership system for the past 3 months and my life and business has changed 180 degrees for the better. I am in the process of becoming a more authentic, emotionally intelligent leader. (June 10, 2012)

Eyad Mashat, CEO FAD International (Riyadh, KSA)


I just completed the Master of Business Leadership system. My six month journey has taught me the importance of emotional intelligence. I have taken a few leadership trainings, but the MBL System helped me to discover the "authentic me" and how I can inspire others as a leader, coworker and friend. (February 21, 2012)

Ryuichi "Ray" Mizutani, EVP Hitachi High Technologies